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Library Volunteers

Library Volunteers

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    Melissa Parrott

    Katie Sims

    How do I sign-up to work in the library?
    Go to VolunteerSpot login to sign-up

    Who should volunteer?
    YOU! If you enjoy being around children and books, volunteer to help in the library!

    What will I be expected to do?
    Since the library has a high weekly circulation of books, shelving books is the library's highest need.

    If shelving books is not your thing, here are other ways you can help in the library:

    • straighten the books on the shelves
    • mend and clean books
    • process new books
    • replace spine labels on books
    • assist students
    • pull materials for teachers
    • make copies

    What special skills do volunteers need to help in the library?
    None. It helps to be somewhat familiar with the Dewey Decimal System to shelve books, but that is all.

    How often do volunteers work in the library? And how long?
    It varies. Most volunteers choose to work once a week or every other week. Some volunteers help once a month, while others help twice a week. Most volunteers work in shifts of 30min - 1hr. Some volunteers work longer shifts.  So when and how long you work depends on you and your availability. 

    Other library volunteer opportunities 

    • Fall Book Fair in November
    • Spring Book Fair in April