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  • Carroll ISD Gifted and Talented Program

  • FAQ About The Quest Program

  • Kindergarten Quest
    During the first semester, GT Specialists provide whole class lessons and small group activities designed to expose students to divergent, convergent, evaluative, and visual thinking.  Kindergarten students are provided enrichment activities throughout the school year.  The GT teacher will go into the general education classrooms providing creative and problem solving activities for students.  Kindergarten students who qualify for GT services will begin receiving pull-out instructional time after March 1.

    Identified kinder students receive Gifted and Talented services through a weekly pullout program. GT Specialists guide students through a conceptual understanding that people use self-knowledge, interest, and strengths to relate to the world around them. 

  • First Grade Quest
    First grade students learn about their role in the school and society and what it means to be in a gifted program. Students become zookeepers and design animal enclosures/habitats in the Texas State Standards Project called "Animal Nation."

  • Second Grade Quest
    Second Grade students learn about themselves and their strengths in the "Who We Are" study. Then they immerse themselves in the wonderful world of nature with a study of math and nature.

  • Third Grade Quest
    Third Grade students study the world of business in the Texas State Standards Project "The Big Business of Toys." Students run their own toy business by creating and marketing a toy to their peers. Students also explore simple machines with the LEGO Simple and Motorized Mechanisms sets as they learn different ways to build toys. In the Spring the students explore their individual passions with the Texas State Standards Project, "Pursuit of Passion."

  • Fourth Grade Quest
    Fourth grade students begin the year with learning about their strengths and passions in  "Who We Are." We progress to learning about STEM skills with the LEGO EV3 Programs and a space exploration study.  Later in the year the students pursue "Passion Projects" with the goals in the Texas State Performance Standards for the Gifted.